7 Reasons Why Ongoing Training Benefits Service ROI

If you’re thinking of cutting your training program, you should carefully consider the benefits it brings to your business.

Training is how you maximize your investment. Your service employees are your biggest asset in the dealership. In fact, one service employee alone sees more customers per day then any other employee in the whole organization.

They must greet customers in a professional manner, handle their concerns or pain points efficiently then communicate effectively with technicians, tower operators and parts staff while keeping the customers update with repair status and any additional repairs necessary on their vehicles. At the end of the day service staff need to meet its business objectives and increase ROI.

Effective training designed specifically for your group can provide your employees with essential next-generation skills. If you have been thinking of introducing a training program, you should take into consideration the benefits it brings to your business.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Training your employees can increase their efficiency and productivity in completing their daily work responsibilities. Training can also help your organization achieve greater consistency in process adherence, making it easier to project outcomes and meet organizational goals and sales targets.

Customer Satisfaction Rates

Investing in the development of your employees can reduce attrition rates with customers. Well-planned training can provide repeatable pathways for employees to follow during the sales process making customer retention within the organization smoother while reducing customers turnovers and losses.

Service Drive Train Your Employees And Increase Your Bottom Line

Exceed Industry Standards

Training your employees in industry-standard best practices could also assist you in building your reputation. Many businesses operate in saturated markets, so often it’s the small things that will set your business apart from the rest.

Group Training Employees Builds Teamwork

In the past, we have learned employees with different job titles within Fixed Operations trained together in a group environment developed new teamwork skill, opened up new channels of communication and strengthens trust.

Staff who routinely trained together in groups tended to be efficient and more adaptable at acquiring new skills such as:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving together
  • Communication frequently
  • Developed empathy for one another
  • Collaboration together
  • Initiate creativity and innovation through shared ideas

Ongoing Skill Development And Personal Growth

Employees who feel well cared for by their employers are engaged employees. Engaged employees are excited about their future and continued growth. This seems like a long-term strategy, but employers will see three immediate benefits.

First, engaged employees have an increased level of productivity. Highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above-average productivity. They think carefully about how they’re doing their work, leading to continually improved processes and increased efficiency.

Second, engaged employees bring fresh new ideas to the table.
When employees learn a new skill set, they’re excited to share it with their team. They start thinking about how they might change processes or even put items on a “stop-doing” list.

Well-trained Employees Establish A Healthier Culture And Increase Your Bottom Line

All too often, business owners don’t make training a priority in this way. They think it has to be expensive and that they have to dedicate a large amount of time and resources into building a robust internal training program. As a result, training programs are cut when times are tough or placed on the “someday” list of things to achieve.

When things get financially tight in business, often employee training is the first thing to go. However, this is not necessarily a sound strategic move for a leading organization forging the way in a competitive industry.

Employees Emulate Your Companies Philosophy

Represent your company to the best of their ability and ensure that anyone who comes in contact with them has a stellar experience

Speak knowledgeably about the industry and provide a great customer experience no matter their role in the company

Help establish effective and inclusive processes to ensure the business runs smoothly

By setting a strong internal training, you not only show your focus and dedication to teaching your people how to master their roles, you also show you care about their overall happiness at work.

When you support their career development shows your employees you’re invested in their future, building morale and trust in the folks that work for you. You give your employees training because you care about their growth as an individual. In turn, they will worker harder for you because they care about the team and the growth of the company.

By Phyllis Bostanci

Staff Training Solutions