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Building Culture & Teamwork

Training The Next Generation Of Automotive Service & Parts Staff To Be Outstanding Leaders

Gamification promotes confident behavior and can boost sales. When managed properly, it can be a powerful part of your companies culture and customer service experience.

Service Gamification Program

Gamification can help foster teamwork and improve their sales behavior. We’ll show you how to turn your contests into social engagements. You’ll discover how to motivate your staff with quick-burst contests and leaderboards that reward points and offers immediate payouts.

Your management staff will learn how to drive the momentum forward and achieve a winning sales team.

Explore the potential of gamification incentives used to boost your sales, with a focus on innovation.

Starting at $299*

Take Your Game Up To The Next Level Of Fixed-Ops Training

  • Ramp Up Competition
    > Discover inspiring gamification methods to stimulate sales & drives productivity
    > Create a spark with quick-burst contests, instant rewards and employee recognition
    > Gamification plans geared to track performance in real time
    > “Power Hour” sale competitions to keep your team sharp
    > Establish leaderboards to reward teams and highlight partnership

  • Encourage Collaboration
    > Reinforce positive behavior towards strengthening team spirit
    > Game challenges can stir up the competitive nature to strive harder
    > Team cooperation can increase employee dialogue during challenges

  • Open Mentorship
    > Employees gain a better sense of their own strengths and weaknesses
    > Inspires bottom-level performers to seek out coaching
    > Staff can learn to share skills and knowledge needed to out perform

  • Create An Engaging Workplace
    > Learn gamification strategies to increase employee engagement
    > Inspire and motivate team members from technicians to cashiers
    > Promote greater communication skills with other departments

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Training The Next Generation Of Automotive Service & Parts Staff To Be Outstanding Leaders


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