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10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Next Service Consultant

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A. This is a question experienced Service Consultants should expect. Look out for vague or generic answers. Good answers might include a desire to get to know people, or a competitive spirit that compels them to beat their numbers every quarter. Consider whether their answers align with the culture of your business.

A. Both are important and depending on your specific business goals, it may be more important to prioritize sales volume over customer satisfaction. Generally, the most effective Service Consultants are ones who care about meeting the needs of their customers.

A. Farming and hunting are both critical parts of sales, and good candidates should feel comfortable with both. Depending on your specific business needs, though, one might be more important than the other.

A. This shows how well your candidate understands and considers the sales process. It also illustrates how they organize their thoughts and communicate complicated concepts.

A. Rejection is an inevitable part of sales. Great Service Consultants are driven, resilient, and creative. Look for professionals who don’t give up and who are able to adjust their strategies until they find something that works.

A. Good Service Consultants spend more time asking questions than pitching. Look out for open-ended questions that will help a rep thoroughly understand a customers needs.

A. This question should give you some sense of what the professional is like to work with. “Helpful,” “determined,” and “optimistic” are all great qualities in a Service Consultant.

A. The ability to create relevant and engaging content and have an active presence on social channels is increasingly important in modern sales environments. Even if they don’t have experience, good candidates should be willing to experiment.

A. The answer to this question doesn’t have to blow you away. However, the candidate should have some sort of action plan to get started. No matter how much training you provide, it’s still smart to hire a self-starter when you can.

A. The sales landscape is changing quickly, and it’s important for effective Service Consultants to keep up with new trends and tactics in the industry. It’s great if they follow specific sales blogs or have personal role models, but you should also look for professionals who enjoy learning about other fields as well.

Additional Attributes To Look For During The Interview Process:


• Customer Relations
• Sales & Marketing Ability
• Interdepartmental Relations
• Collecting Diagnostic Information
• Value Auditing
• Process Service Information
• Appointment Scheduling


• Adaptability
• Strategic Analysis
• Continuous Improvement
• Customer Enthusiasm
• Sound Judgement
• Organizing and Planning
• Collaborate with Team Members
• Knowledge of Product


• Patience
• Attentiveness
• Cognitive Empathy
• Clear Communication Skills
• Ability to Use “Positive Language”
• Ability to “Read” Customers
• A Calming Presence
• Persuasion Skills
• “WOW” Customer Service

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