How To Improve Your Service Customer Experience In Your Dealership

The way you talk to service customers has a big impact on your dealership, and nothing delivers customer satisfaction quite like consistently delightful communication.

When you’re thoughtful about the way you convey information to (and receive feedback from!) customers, that yields better results than a free oil change or 20 percent off coupon ever could.

Positive language keeps the door open for future interactions, and the customer won’t feel as though it was a waste of time to get in touch.

Spend Some Time On The Service And Sales Floor This Morning

We do not all have the ability to take time out from our busy day, it might be worth your while to try to steal yourself away from for just a few minutes for this exercise. I’d like you to walk around the dealership and listen to your service and sales team speak. How do they converse with customers, what words are they choosing? Listen to their tone, is there sincerity? Value? Are they rushing through? Now let’s take a look at the nonverbal ques. Can you read the customers face, are they distant or engaged? Are the customers arms crossed? Body posture speaks volumes even when you can’t see the expression on their face.

I like to act proactively, and have developed a habit of reading people’s expressions even if it’s of no concern of mine. The purpose to this exercise is to obtain a clearer picture; from the customers perspective. Chances are their day may not be going so well since a portion of it is being spent at the dealership, the only other thing far worse in their eyes could be sitting in a dentist chair.

Positive language keeps the conversation moving forward, ask your team members (including yourself!) to us the following Positive Words and Phrases with each customer interaction.

Adding any one of these into your conversation has the potential to transform average customer service into great customer service.

Customer Service Positive Phrases

“Happy to help!”
“Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you. I’m happy to help.”
“Great question, I’ll find that out for you!”
“First, let’s verify…”
“Now, we can set up…”
“After that, the best solution is if we…”
“Nice to meet you.”
“Thanks for bringing this to our attention / for the heads up!”
“I’d love to understand more about…”

Customer Service Positive Words


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Customer Service Empathy Phrases

“I would feel the same in your situation, but we will sort this out….”
“I know how frustrating it can be – let’s see how I can help you….”
“I completely understand why you’d want that.”
“I understand how [blank] that must be.”
“[……], I’m going to introduce you to […..], our Service Manager who will be better able to answer your question!”

Fact: 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.

End On A High Note

Make sure you always get to a place where, “Yes, you’re all set!” rings loud and clear. Try ending your conversation with a phrase like this:

“Excellent! I’m glad we were able to get you safely on the road again. Before you go, is there anything else I can assist you with today? I’m happy to help.”

Incorporating these keywords and phrases into your customer service interactions is an instant win. In return you will be rewarded with happier, loyal customers, boost your ROI, your CRM.

Be the reason your customer smiles today. Sincerely proving you care about your customers leads to recommendations and repeat sales.

By Phyllis Bostanci

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