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Automotive Sales & Service BDC Essentials Course – Corporate Remote Classes Summer 2022

Interested in becoming an automotive BDC or BDM? The Automotive Sales & Service BDC Essentials Course explains everything you need to know to start your automotive industry career quickly. A personal road map to successfully improve your customer service soft skills and build up confidence. You’ll have a greater knowledge of core BDC and BDM sales techniques.

The automotive BDC – BDM program teaches you how to maintain an automotive business development center from the ground up. Early on, you will gain in-depth knowledge, from responding to leads, greeting customers the right way, maintaining a high level of service, and following up with vehicle purchases or repairs. Each lesson is loaded with word tracks BDC representatives use every day to make you sound like a customer service superhero and schedule more appointments in the automotive industry.

The step-by-step workflow cheat sheet contains everything a BDC and BDM needs to know what tasks need to be completed each day, what metrics to follow, and how to forecast vehicle sales or service calls. Find out how to grow your product knowledge quickly, see how to cross-sell services, and sell more repairs per appointment.

Master techniques used by successful automotive BDC or BDM and accelerate your career in the automotive industry today!

Included in the course are the following downloadable resources:

  • Easy to follow automotive BDC & BDM daily workflow checklist
  • Annual BDC sales and service forecasting spreadsheet
  • 30+ downloadable scripts and KPI calculation spreadsheets

Enroll in the remote Automotive Sales & Service BDC Essentials Course today, where they will learn to become a leading parts manager within the automotive community.


Course Code: DBDRC-072022

Remote Class Begins: July 8, 2022

Course Duration: 3 weeks

From: $389.97


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Jul 08 - 25 2022

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