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Automotive Service Manager Course

Automotive Service Manager Master Course – Corporate Remote Classes Fall 2022

The Service Manager Master Course provides management employees with the right tools to restore technician efficiency, productivity, and the effective labor rate. Service managers will have a toolkit to make smarter decisions, interpret financial reports, and manage costs better.

Your service managers will understand what it takes to build sustainable KPI metrics to make a difference in your shop’s performance. Managers will also learn to set up daily advisor and technician benchmarks, focus on operational improvements, and monitor key performance indicators.

Your employees’ path to becoming a successful service manager includes learning to mentor staff. Students will discover how to quickly grow their service advisor’s product knowledge, improve their cross-selling skills, and increase sales closing rates.

Upon completing the service manager course, students have critical thinking skills to resolve problems related to service operations. Have a deeper understanding of the service department’s productivity and efficiency, plus learn how to reduce shop expenses to earn a higher net profit.

Included in the course are the following downloadable resources:

  • Easy to follow automotive service manager workflow checklist
  • Annual service sales & expense forecasting spreadsheet
  • 18 downloadable guides and KPI calculation spreadsheets

Enroll your employees in the remote Service Manager Master Course today, where they will learn to become a leading service manager within the automotive community.


Course Code: DSMRC-102022

Remote Class Begins: October 11, 2022

Course Duration: 4 weeks

From: $649.97


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Oct 11 2022 - Nov 04 2022

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