Signs Your Advisors Are Hurting Your Service Department

Time to slow down and put our service customers first. Think about the amount of times you walked past the service drive-through and witnessed an advisor speed through the customers appointment. Preform a brisk walk-around the vehicle and quickly typed up the customers concerns all in under 5 minutes before moving on to then next customer.

I know in that amount of time they did not conduct a proper sales presentation. Lucky if they even had enough time to look up the customers service history. Even worse is we turn the other cheek and hope for the best.

They are the rack em’ up and move em’ out advisors and they are hurting your business. Now look around, is there any green advisors in the service drive too? Chances are they are learning their customer service skills from the wrong advisor.

Speed kills, and when it comes to customer service, your customers care far more about competent and helpful service than they do about “quick” service.

Customers cited “slow” service nearly 20% less than incompetent service in their feedback of why they stopped doing business with a particular company, and that was only when the service was truly slow.

Fact: 73% of dissatisfied customers reported incompetent, rude, and “rushed” service as the #1 reason why they abandoned a dealer or garage and shop elsewhere.

Service Drive Train Your Employees And Increase Your Bottom Line

Despite this fact, you have to understand that bad customer service is more than just a potential liability, it’s a huge cost to your business.

Consumers are far more likely to share bad customer experiences due to their frustration.

If you also take into effect that 86% of consumers will immediately quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience, you’re left with a single, undeniable truth: customer acquisition isn’t going to work without customer retention.

It doesn’t matter how many buyers your dealership or garage acquires if you’re “leaking” loyal customers left and right due to your poor service.

Fact: It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.

Don’t rush customers. Many customers welcome some additional time spent if you ensure them that you value their time and their business with you.

Be A Great Advisor & Engineer Great Customer Service

What sets great advisor apart from the rest? They come in early, take the time to review each appointment for the day. Assemble a list of possible recommends, look for campaigns, double check special order parts.

Great advisors don’t just stop there either. They greet customers promptly, take up a personal interest with the customer while looking over their vehicle. Listen to the problems customers have and build up a level of trust. After the service write up they’ll check in with the customer with follow up calls during the day. Ensure the customers vehicle is washed and ready to go before letting their customer know their car is ready for pickup.

A good start is to pick 2 customers each day to “Go The Extra Mile” with then increase the number of customers from there.

By differentiating themselves as a listener and problem solver, they have elevated from just being a service writer to an irreplaceable advisor.

By Phyllis Bostanci

Advisor Training Solutions