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Online Service & Parts Automotive Courses

These courses are self-paced for independent learning. Each automotive course is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions. Every course comes with plenty of downloadable handbooks, spreadsheets, and workflow guides to start employees off on the right track.

Online Service Advisor Courses:

The Analytical Approach To Close More Deals

Self-Paced Automotive Course Online



Self-Paced Automotive Course Online


Starting at $417.00 CAD

Self-Paced Automotive Course Online


Starting at $297.00 CAD

Online Dealership Manager Courses:

Self-Paced Automotive Course Online


Starting at $597.00 CAD

Self-Paced Automotive Course Online


Starting at $597.00 CAD

Self-Paced Automotive Course Online


Starting at $885.00 CAD

Improve Fixed Operation Employee Performance

Benefits of Automotive Service & Parts Employee Training

Clarity Of Expectations

Are your employees operating at 100% peak performance every day?
Don't leave it to chance; make sure everyone fully understands their performance expectations the first day - every day.

Automate Onboarding

Managing new employees just became easier.
Bring your new employees up to speed in less time. Align new hires to your vision and goals and train existing staff to deliver high-quality customer service.

Close More Deals

Can your employees close sales effectively?
Confident employees know how to get the sale and close more deals. Automotive courses are developed by industry leaders who understand how to drive performance.

Blended Learning Automotive Courses

Whether you need to train one employee or a group, our instructors will guide your people through each step with great care and attention to detail.

Students have the same lifetime access, text material, and downloadable resources.

Automotive Service Advisor Essential Course (Remote Classroom)

Automotive Staff Courses

Automotive Management Courses

Need To Train A Group Of Automotive Staff?

Save Up To 60% Today On All Group Automotive Courses

Group savings apply to automotive stores, dealerships, private organizations, government, and public services.
*Save 60% when you buy eight or more automotive courses on this page concurrently.
Service Drive Automotive Training

Online Automotive Fixed Ops Courses

Developing your service advisor’s soft skills is key to customer retention. Make each customer engagement more meaningful today.

Do your service and parts employees have the right skills to create a WOW customer experience?

Dealership Employee Training & Group Development
Dealer Group Features & Benefits

Dealership Employee Training & Group Development

We’ve made it easy for automotive groups to enroll their employees.

Automotive dealer groups get their own personal control panel to create multiple store-level accounts and effortlessly allocate courses to each store. Assign a group leader for each store, then let them enroll employees. Head office and store-level group leaders can monitor employee progress and quiz results.

Group features


Getting started with group automotive training is easy.

Step 1
Pick your courses
Enter the number of employees you want to enroll into the course.
Step 2
Enter your groups name
Enter your dealer group’s name to complete the purchase.
Step 3
Assign stores
Create sub-groups on your dashboard (one for each store), then assign the number of courses and a group leader for each location.
Step 4
Group leaders
The group leader at each store sends email invitations to employees and tracks their progress in real-time.
Corporate Group Dashboard List Of Courses
Creating Sub Group p5

Automate onboarding and set performance expectations.

Incorporate online automotive courses as part of your onboarding process to make sure freshly hired employees understand what you expect from them each day, regardless of their experience or skill level.

Integrate automotive courses as part of your Standard Operating Procedure for the Fixed Operations department to help employees understand their daily job duties and responsibilities.

These courses provide clear direction with plenty of workflow guidance and KPI formulas for Service Managers and Parts Managers. The Service Advisor course and Sales and Service BDC-BDM course teach customer service soft skills, coping with stress, cross-sell services, and how to close more sales at your store.

Customized Automotive Courses

Customizable Service & Parts Employee Training Programs To Suit Your Individual Needs

Our team can work with you to develop customized on-demand training programs with your company’s unique constraints and challenges in mind.

Service Drive Hero min 1

Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Fixed Operation Team

Wondering how to get the most out of your team?
One of the most important resources you have is the people who work for you. When your service department employees are provided with the opportunity to improve themselves, the overall productivity of the fixed operations department improves, which has a positive impact on your financial goals and economic success.
Each automotive course is well-designed to help your staff reach their full potential.