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Essential Automotive Skills & Tools For Service Consultants

Your Service Consultant calls for a high level of organization. They are tasked with controlling the shop's workflow from the moment a customer calls for an appointment to well after they leave with their repaired vehicle.
The Automotive Service Advisor training provides hands-on experience to sell services better and faster without missing a beat on the sales floor.

Improving customer experience remains the primary goal of every dealership. That’s why service consultants need to excel at people skills. Today’s customers need someone with extensive product knowledge, shows integrity, and has a high commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our consultant training program teaches critical principles of delivering excellent customer service and building lasting customer relationships. Never let another customer leave upset again!

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Onsite Advisor Training

All Levels

On-site Automotive Service Advisor training is a 5 days hands-on dealership program.

Ideal for entry-level and advanced-level advisors. Train up to four service advisors for one price.

Onsite Service Advisor Training From CA$2895

Online Advisor Training


Online Automotive Service Advisor training is a 4-day course / 3 hours per day.

One-on-one instructor webinar training is ideal for entry-level service advisors.

Online Entry-Level Service Advisor Training From  CA$1895

Online Advisor Training


Online Automotive Service Advisor training is a 3-day course / 3 hours per day.

One-on-one instructor webinar training is ideal for experienced service advisors.

Online Experienced Service Advisor Training From CA$1195

It’s Time Your Store Starts Closing More Deals.

Helping stores put the “FIX” back into Fixed Operations for over 30 years.

Service Drive Automotive Training

Service Drive Automotive Training is located in Southern Ontario. We proudly train Canadian automotive employees across this great country from coast to coast, from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia to Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Ray Levo

Ray Levo

Consultant & Instructor

Ray Levo is a Fixed Operations manager with over 40 years of automotive experience.

Serving on the Advisory Board to the Automotive Training Program at Sault College and British Columbia Institute of Technology. Additionally, Ray served as a past member of 20 groups.

Ray works with dealers across Canada and the United States as a consultant and a mentor for the past 5 years. He also enjoys being an instructor at the local community college for the past 3 years.

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Flexible solutions to meet your employee training needs. Whether it’s employees embarking on multi-lessons or task-specific lessons.


Dealer Testimonials.

I enjoyed my week of training and learned a great deal of new service strategies. I’ve already increased my labor sales by .2 in just a few days, and I also learned to be more patient with customers. ~
Honda Dealer
~ Service Consultant
Awesome motivator, really makes you think outside of the norm when Ray is teaching new methods. Great sales trainer to work with! ~
Hyundai Dealer
Service Drive Automotive got my fixed operations staff to work together as a team. The technicians no longer put up a fight, now they help my advisors to up-sell additional work. Thanks Ray. ~
Chrysler Dealer
Ray saved my department money by finding incorrect op-codes and fixed them right away; something my last service manager left in a big mess and the advisors were taking advantage of. He saved me missed revenue, money well spent! ~
Toyota Dealer