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Each automotive course is targeted to build confidence and improve your strengths. Continuing education is the building block for personal growth, change, equality, and teamwork.

Online automotive courses provide you with the knowledge to update your skills and discover a new career path.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Popular student questions.

Once you purchased a course, you will have unlimited access to future course improvements. Your course will stay in your account as long as you have an account page. Enjoy and know that you will be able to access it anytime you want.

All of our automotive service and parts courses are designed to be taken at your own pace.

Sure you can! All training courses have one or two lessons unlocked for you to try out. Click on a course you are interested in, scroll through the lessons until you see an unlocked padlock image. Try out the unlocked lesson before making your purchase.

Students must pay all fees in full at the time of enrollment. Any students with outstanding fees will be required to clear their debt before any further enrollments are processed. Once you click on the “Purchase Now” or “Add To Cart” button, the course will be added to your shopping cart, and you have the option to continue adding courses to your cart or “Proceed To Checkout” to purchase your course. Students are academically and financially responsible for all enrolled course fees incurred.

Additional Fees

You could be subject to HST, dependent on your geographical location.

Yes, you can earn a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of your chosen course. To be eligible for a Certificate of Achievement, students will require a minimum passing grade of 60% or higher.

No, we do not provide private tutoring.

Students must officially drop their course within the published deadline dates to be eligible for a course fee refund.

Deadlines to withdraw from a course is as follows:

Full Refund: Within five business days before starting your course.

80% Refund: After completing the second lesson and within 10 business days.

50% Refund: After third lesson completion and within 15 business days.

0% Refund: No refund issued past the fourth lesson completion.

Receipt of Refund
Qualifying refunds will be automatically processed within 15 days. Refunds are credited to the student’s credit card. Please note that credits to your credit card may take up to 45 days to appear on your statement. We regret that we cannot accept a telephone call as withdrawal or eligibility for a refund.

A link to refunds can be found in your student panel or contact the Help Desk for additional questions.

Don’t forget; you can try an unlocked lesson before making your decision to purchase a course.

Your ability to secure a new job will depend on factors within your control (education & desire to learn, drive, demonstrable skills, networking) and sometimes outside of your control (experience, location). To take control of your job search, we encourage students to expand their job search to include job boards and opportunities found via networking. You are ultimately responsible for your own success. Automotive EDU is a partner in your career journey, but your own proactivity is also key to advancing your own career.