Automotive Parts Manager Master Course​ – Independent Online Learning (GSPMRC)

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Automotive Parts Manager Master Course​ – Independent Online Learning


This is a self-paced course*

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Course Duration: 10 hours

Total Course Hours: Study Time 10 hrs / In-class N/A

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**The “Automotive Parts Manager Master Course​ – Independent Online Learning” is a self-paced, self-regulated course. Students can learn at their speed and schedule.

**Student career placement assistance is not provided with “Independent Online Learning” courses.

Only Available For Government-Sponsored Students


Course Summary

The Automotive Parts Manager Master Course explains everything you need to know to quickly start your automotive parts industry career.

The parts manager program explains how to have just the right balance of inventory on-hand to fill daily orders and prevent lost sales is an essential technique every manager needs to know. The Automotive Parts Manager Course teaches managers how to work smarter by expanding their knowledge on inventory controls and implementing daily corrective measuring techniques.

Parts managers will understand how to sustain healthier parts levels and learn several tricks to reduce obsolescence rates. Understand the best time to phase-in and phase-out parts. Dive deep into the day’s inventory supply rate and parts fill rate, with easy-to-follow instructions on setting up proper criteria in the DMS and more.

Your path to becoming a successful parts manager includes learning how to mentor your staff. A personal road map to improve your counter staff’s soft skills, refine their customer service etiquette, and increase their sales closing rates. Master techniques used by successful parts managers to accelerate your career in the automotive industry today.

Included in the course are the following downloadable resources:

  • Easy to follow automotive parts manager workflow guide
  • Annual parts sales & expense forecasting spreadsheet
  • 8 downloadable guides and KPI calculation spreadsheets

What Will I Learn?

Lessons contain the same topics as the Automotive Parts Manager Master Course designed to fast-track government-sponsored students with remote classroom lessons.

  • Step-by-step guide on inventory control & parts forecasting
  • Maximize parts inventory turns & reduce obsolescence
  • Controlling & troubleshooting obsolescence
  • Comprehensive financial metrics & profitability lessons
  • How to apply matrix, velocity, & gross profit margin correctly
  • Easy to follow automotive parts manager workflow cheat sheet
  • Annual parts sales & expense forecasting spreadsheet
  • Measure monthly parts performance spreadsheet
  • KPI formulas to measure monthly performance

Experience Level Requirement

  • This course is for anyone who understands the automotive industry and wants to get into a manager’s position but is unsure where to start.
  • If you are comfortable in the automotive industry and have a minimum of one to two years of automotive service or parts experience.
  • Current service managers looking to understand the department better and wish to grow their knowledge.
  • Everything in this course is made as simple as possible and described as someone having basic knowledge of the topics.

Who Can Take This Course?

  • Parts Advisors
  • Service Advisors
  • Automotive Technicians
  • Shop Supervisors

Instructors meet with students in virtual group classroom sessions twice a week to ensure all students gain an accurate and deep understanding of the course and test their knowledge.


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